We breed the Best KNPV-Policedog GSD of 2017.
Proud breeder of real working GSD

Gio and Vegas Certificat KNPV with Honors 418.

International breeders from real GSD working lines

Gio and Belinda are breeders of the "Old type German Shepherd"

Our HOBBY kennel, is named DOMAINE MAIN D ór (Area with the Golden hand)

We only breed and conform to the FCI rules and the Dutch Raad van Beheer.

We select only the strongest and healthiest working lines from CZ, former DDR-West Germany, and KNPV.

Gio is a qualified certificated K-9 Policedog trainer he qualified his black GSD (Private Vegas van Roosfaya) with a score of CL418! with Honors KNPV PH1,age of 2.3 years old.

One of the youngest GSD ever succeed in the KNPV with certificated with Honors.


Vegas was sold to the Republic of China to improve the quality of their GSD program.

Belinda succeded in the KNPV program with her Malinois (Largo). 

Largo was sold to the US Navy Seals, for special operations.

The pups we breed are doing service in Law enforcement - Personal protection - KNPV - and the IPO with outstanding results.

We only breed with the best studdogs in the world, to preserve the best quality for our Kennel and for you.

Ower breedinglines going back to the best Old workinglines

named Klodo Vom Boxberg-Hecktor von Schwaben-Hettel v.Uckermark-Muntz v. Pelztierfarm-Utz v. Haus Schutting-Rolf v.Osnabruckerland-Fero von Zeutener Himmelreich-Zorro vom Laagerwall.Lord vom Gleisdreieck.Olek von der Maineiche,

Back breeding to the hard lines  Half vom Ruhbachtal Nick vom Heiligenbosch. Inox vom Haus Ming Privat Vegas v Roosfaya 


Leistungshunde Zucht fur Polizei-Militair-Sport


Belinda with first Litter from Domaine-Main-D ór

Privat Vegas v Roosfaya the Godfather of our Working kennel Real Policedog

Adres of our working kennel

Provincialeweg Zuid 13

6438BA Oirsbeek

0031 6 15499269